Product Description

Enroll a school of your choice in Urban Tech’s Dignity for All (DFA), a neuroscience-based mental health program that trains students, teachers, and parents to build trust and respect, understand the value of reaching out and helping others, and appreciate diversity in their schools and communities. Open up a discussion about how safe students feel in their schools, frequency of bullying incidents and how these incidents are resolved today. Today 28% of students say that they experience bullying every day, and 71% say they have witnessed bullying in their schools. Yet the latest research indicates that experiencing bullying can lead to decreased self-esteem, depression and anxiety.

The DFA curriculum provides a dynamic, multimodal three-part curriculum that teaches students, teachers, and parents how to increase knowledge, change attitudes, and improve behavior around bullying and discrimination. Studies show that as many as 59% of bullying incidents can be prevented if bystanders intervene, but this happens less than 10% of the time. Your Adopt a School donation provides comprehensive training throughout the year after the student panels to prepare students, teachers and parents to become bystanders who are able to intervene to prevent bullying incidents, establish safer and more supportive environments at home and at school for improved emotional growth and academic performance.